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This issue explores palimpsests of sound, script, and place in the language and history of medieval China. The two projects featured here work through layers of time with the goal of reconstructing now-lost literary soundscapes and urban landscapes. ver esta edición

A distinctive set of challenges arises when training machines to process a historical language, especially one that was last spoken two millennia ago.

Of Sonorous Medieval Chinese Texts and NLP Model Training

  • Nick Budak
  • Gian Rominger

Chang’an is one of the most renowned cities in Chinese history. It was the capital of the Western Han (202 BCE—8 CE) and the Tang (618—907) dynasties: the twin peaks of imperial power in premodern China.

Toward a Deep Map of Chang’an: Some Reflections of a (Beginning) Practitioner

  • Xin Wen 文欣

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On the Institutional Landscape in East Asian Studies DH
  • Anna M. Shields