startword, n.
(computer science) A string of letters that identifies the beginning of a valid sequence in a specified language.
(literature) The first appearance of a genre in print.

Startwords is a research periodical irregularly published by the Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton. More formal than a blog yet more speculative and iterative than a peer-reviewed journal, Startwords is a forum for experimental humanities scholarship. Embedded code, data physicalizations, design, and emerging forms of process documentation are detailed through writing that is essayistic, creative, and research-driven.

Each issue features two articles that speak to a common theme, feature, or concern. “Snippets” invite readers to engage with the digital evidence underlying those articles. Issues will be released one to three times a year, when we have something to share or say.

Startwords (ISSN 2694-2658) is built with the Hugo static site generator using a custom-made theme. In support of open access principles, we publish all articles under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0) and the website code under an Apache 2.0 license.


Editor Grant Wythoff

UX Designer Gissoo Doroudian

Technical Lead Nick Budak

Manuscript Editing Camey VanSant


  • Rebecca Sutton Koeser
  • Grant Wythoff

Board of Advisors

  • Natalia Ermolaev
  • Zoe LeBlanc
  • Meredith Martin
  • Rebecca Munson